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Why it’s Critical to Maintain a Record of Your Teenager’s Vaccinations

Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Aug 7, 2017 6:53:35 PM

In 1996, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) added many vaccines to its list of recommended inoculations for teenagers. Objections and unanswered questions that have followed incidences of vaccine injuries - particularly those caused by the HPV vaccine, which have been the subject of intense debate worldwide -- highlight the need for awareness among parents about vaccine ingredients and their adverse effects. Although ingredients are listed in the drug inserts, very few parents carefully read through them and doctors rarely spell out a vaccine’s potential side effects before administering the dose. Hence, maintaining personal immunization records for children, from birth through adulthood, is vital for a number of reasons.

Predicting a Potential Adverse ReactionCMSRI Teenage Immunization Journal Meme-BoosterV2-Hospital Girl.png

Currently, no tests are required to determine how a child might react to a vaccine or multiple vaccines containing ingredients such as aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, animal tissues, etc.. But one way to predict a potentially severe adverse reaction is to know how a child has previously reacted -- or how other family members have previously reacted -- to a vaccine or vaccine ingredient.  A mild reaction may trigger a more severe one when additional or booster shots are given.

If your child experiences a severe reaction after receiving an inoculation, your record of the vaccine brand name, lot name, site of injections, etc.  can be invaluable in diagnosing and proving, if necessary, a link.

If a vaccine injury claim is filed, accurate vaccination records are required as evidence by the federal “Vaccine Court” that has provided redressal to more than 4,000 injured children and adults since its institution. (Note: vaccine manufacturers and physicians have been granted 100% legal immunity by federal law. The over $3 billion that has been paid to victims has come from a taxpayer-funded reserve created for this purpose.)

Journals kept by others whose children have been vaccine injured have resulted in a list of “hot lots” -- vaccine lots that have been identified as possibly tainted --  at Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). This has led to vaccine recalls over the years that have potentially saved lives and/or prevented more children from being severely injured.

Pressuring Teens to Vaccinate Without Their Parents’ Knowledge

Despite laws that require minors to have parental permission to be given any prescription or over-the-counter drugs, nearly every parent has heard stories of doctors, school nurses and pharmacists pressuring teens to get the HPV vaccine and others without their parents’ knowledge - or even against their parents’ wishes.  That’s why it’s important for parents to discuss vaccines and to review the Journal with their children to make informed decisions together.

Awareness about contagious diseases, vaccine efficacy and ingredients, and vaccine testing can help them decide when or whether to get the immunizations.

In addition to a fill-in immunization record, our FREE eBook “Teenage Immunization Journal contains:

  • An FAQ about vaccinations

  • State requirements and exemptions for common vaccines

  • Controversies around the HPV vaccine

  • A table of aluminum quantities found in adolescent vaccines

  • Conditions when NOT to vaccinate

  • Dangers of combining vaccines

  • And more.

An educated parent is the best protection for a child. We hope that the Immunization Journal will be be distributed widely and will be a step toward creating a more informed generation.Teenage Immunization Journal

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