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Are Vaccine Adjuvants Contributing to Autoimmune Illnesses?

Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Apr 12, 2016 | in Insider, Blog

New Physicians’ Registry Tracks Prevalence and Characteristics of Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvant (ASIA) 

Until recently, cases of ASIA have been largely anecdotal and shared only informally among physicians, making them difficult to both qualify and quantify. The lack of wide scale and comprehensive reporting has also slowed progress toward diagnosing (and potentially preventing) the epidemic growth in autoimmune illnesses worldwide.

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A Look at Aluminum Research Breakthroughs in 2015 and 2016

Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Mar 03, 2016 | in Insider, Blog


• More evidence of aluminum’s role in Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, MS and    other autoimmune conditions;
• Findings on the consequences of aluminum contamination in infant formulas; and
• Reports on the potential hidden dangers of aluminum adjuvants in vaccination and  immunotherapy

These are among the many findings of scientific research conducted worldwide in 2015 and anticipated in 2016 according to Keele University’s Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry and renowned expert in aluminum, Dr. Christopher Exley. 

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