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The Government Should Do It, But They Don’t: Why Independent Research is Needed

Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Dec 6, 2016 4:44:21 PM

In most cases, drugs are rigorously safety tested, not only to find any potential negative side effects, but also to address any interactions the drug may have with other medications if taken concurrently. Pharmaceutical companies are incentivized to do this. If drugs are inadequately tested or the side effects are too harsh, they can be taken off the market by the FDA. The need to test drugs and put out the best possible product with the fewest possible side effects is further bolstered by healthy competition. This competition results in the availability of multiple kinds of drugs to treat any given condition, essential to customers who may have adverse reactions to certain chemical compounds or ingredients.New Call-to-action

But not all drugs are treated this way. Vaccines are notoriously exempt from many of the regulations that incentivize meticulous safety testing. With minimal safety testing, a vaccine can be approved and placed on a state or national schedule, which usually makes it a legal requirement for children to get. Usually this means that a vaccine is tested on its own, despite the fact that vaccines can be administered as many six at a time. There have been no government funded research studies that examine the effects that multiple vaccines interacting with one another can have on the human brain and immune system.

As it stands now, data used by the CDC for vaccine safety monitoring is closely held by the Vaccine Safety DataLink and is generally restricted to the CDC or their approved researchers. Dr. Mark Geier and David Geier are two independent researchers who have gotten access to the Vaccine Safety DataLink, but only after a sustained effort that took years and demands by a Member of Congress. Several published studies from this data demonstrate that independence matters. Results from the Geier’s research has demonstrated that vaccines are not as safe as the CDC has portrayed them to be. The CDC has met voices of dissent with either silence or character assassination, leaving parents distrustful, questioning and angry that their concerns are not being heard. Why is data not open so that the research can be checked and verified? Why is it so difficult to get a proper vaccinated/unvaccinated study conducted? Allowing independent research, which would give access to data and funding to those who have no profit motive would solve the problem of vaccine hesitancy if the vaccines are as safe and effective as the CDC claims. Instead, we have CDC obstruction, which sends a signal that the CDC lacks confidence in their methods and conclusions.

Vaccine production also lacks the competition that drives other pharma companies to improve their offerings. Once a vaccine is introduced, alternatives are rarely if ever introduced. Even though these vaccines are required by law, people who are allergic to ingredients or at risk for adverse reactions are offered no other option. Due to these exceptions, vaccines remain insufficiently safety tested and there is no sign that the government will change its stance on testing standards.

This is where independent research--such as the research CMSRI funds--comes into play as an essential piece of the public health puzzle. CMSRI provides grants for independent research so that parents are able to make wise decisions for themselves and their families. Organizations like ours are the only ones looking into the issues that the government so flagrantly overlooks.

However, CMSRI does not have the budget of the FDA or CDC. We rely heavily on donations from readers like you. Think of it as an investment in your future safety, your children’s safety, and the safety of humanity. Please donate generously – 100% is applied to research, education and outreach.

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