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Vaccine Boom, Population Bust

Time to Stop Making Excuses for Flu Shots That Don't Work

On Vaccines, Adjuvants and Autoimmunity

Dirty Vaccines: New Study Reveals Prevalence of Contaminants

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Mawson Homeschooled Study Reveals Who is Sicker

Scientists Prove Those Vaccinated for Shingles Can Infect Others with Chicken Pox

Vaccination May Increase Risk of Rare Psychiatric Childhood Disorders, Study Finds

What You Need to Know About Gardasil

Why it’s Critical to Maintain a Record of Your Teenager’s Vaccinations

Brain-Damaged Kids:  Sesame Street’s Happy New Normal

Parents’ Tragic Loss Exploited by Pro-Vaccine Canadian Authorities

Primary Ovarian Failure and HPV Vaccine

Is There Objective Evidence that the Current HPV Vaccination Programs are not Justified?

Aluminum readily apparent in Alzheimer’s disease brain tissue

The Government Should Do It, But They Don’t: Why Independent Research is Needed

Merck Admits Shingles Vaccine Can Cause Eye Damage…and Shingles


Why It’s Critical to Maintain a Record of Your Child’s Vaccines and Reactions

Are aluminum adjuvants plus Gardasil a uniquely damaging neuroinflammatory cocktail?

Molecular Mechanisms in Vaccine-Induced Autoimmunity

Link Between Vaccines and African-American Boys Hidden by CDC Says Whistleblower

A Different Danish Girl

Are Vaccine Adjuvants Contributing to Autoimmune Illnesses?

New Research Reveals Link between Vaccines and Autoimmunity Diseases in Prone Individuals

A Look at Aluminum Research Breakthroughs in 2015 and 2016

Our Top 10 Health & Nutrition Resources

Flawed HPV Vaccine Safety Statement Triggers Butterfly Effect

Understanding Risks and Basic Terms Used in Studies

Why are Concussions Among Children on the Rise?

Approve First, Test for Safety Second

First Do No Harm: The Dark Side of Vaccines

Surprising New Research Linking a Childhood Vaccine Ingredient to Obesity

Autism Correlation or Causation

Allergens in Vaccines Are Causing Life-Threatening Food Allergies

New Survey Measures Autism Increase Against Top Environmental Factors

eBook Summary of Vaccines Textbook

A Closer Look at the Rise of Chronic Illness

Questioning Mandated Hepatitis B Vaccination

Claire Dwoskin Interview with Aluminum Research Professor Dr. Exley

Supporting Research for New Alzheimer's Treatment

First Medical Research Textbook Linking Vaccines to Autoimmunity

How to Start Reducing Aluminum in Your Life

Aluminum and FDA Policies Don't Add Up

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