Download a Free Immunization Journal for Every Child You Care About!  



Teenage Immunization Journal Download

As long as your child is getting vaccines, you should be recording them.


The number of vaccines teenagers are required to receive keeps growing  -- so the chances of adverse reactions keep growing, too.  This guide and journal is an invaluable resource to help parents make educated decisions BEFORE their children are immunized and to be aware of and track any reactions.  


In addition to a fill-in the-blanks journal of your child's vaccines (including dates, vaccine lot numbers, reactions, etc.), you'll find information about:

  • The current CDC vaccine schedule

  • State Vaccine Mandates and Exemptions for College

  • International controversy around HPV and Gardasil

  • Risks of increased aluminum in vaccines 

  • And more.

Just click on the image above to download your copy -- and be sure to forward it to every other parent of a teenager you care about!

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