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Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Aug 19, 2016 1:48:58 PM

Free Guide and Log Helps Track Potential Adverse Reactions

Washington, D.C. (August 6, 2016) – Today’s parents are more informed and aware of the health and safety risks facing their children than ever before.  But one subject that is often taken for granted is the immunization process. That is why the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute created a free, downloadable “Immunization Journal,” announced Claire Dwoskin, founder of the nonprofit organization that funds independent research into chronic childhood illnesses.

“We created this journal with the needs of expecting and new parents in mind to provide them with all of the information that many of us wish we’d known before we started immunizing our children,” said Dwoskin, whose twins suffered adverse reactions to vaccines. “Every child’s genetic profile is unique, so there are multiple – and critical -- factors to consider before agreeing to expose him or her to a “one-drug-fits-all” regimen of vaccines with potentially harmful ingredients.  At the very least, this Journal provides parents with a comprehensive record to note every immunization their child gets in case this information becomes necessary for health or legal reasons.”

The Immunization Journal features an organized record for parents to keep track of the dates and sites of injections, the vaccine manufacturers and lot numbers, and the administrators of the vaccines. The Journal also provides other invaluable information, such as:
  • FAQ’s about vaccinations;
  • Important safety precautions about when NOT to vaccinate;
  • A list of ingredients in vaccines;
  • Special precautions for expectant mothers; and
  • Flu vaccine information.
 “American children are required to get far more vaccines than any other country and with 271 new vaccines in development – and negligible research on the cumulative effect of increased and combined vaccines – it is vital that parents are armed with facts and tools to make the best possible decisions about their children’s health,” said Dwoskin.

The “Immunization Journal” can be downloaded for free at Printed copies and branded versions of the journal for health care practitioners are available upon request.

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