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5th International Symposium on Vaccines Features New  Findings on Autoimmune Reactions  

Symposium Kicks Off Autoimmunity Congress on May 16th in Lisbon

The fifth International  Symposium on Vaccines, sponsored by the Children's Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI), has announced its line-up of speakers for the upcoming event in Portugal.  Held the first day of the biennial Autoimmunity Congress,  the Symposium draws medical researchers from around the world to share the latest research on vaccine safety and the potential links between vaccine adjuvants and adverse autoimmune reactions. To see the full program agenda, click here.

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Ground-Breaking Health Studies of 2017

Three of the Year’s Most Significant Scientific Findings Made Possible by CMSRI Research Grants

Delivering on its mission to fund unbiased, independent research into the causal factors of today’s chronic illness and disability epidemic, the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute was a key financial supporter of three of 2017’s most important health studies.  While the findings of the peer-reviewed and published studies received little coverage in the mainstream media, their implications and indictments of aluminum and aluminum adjuvants have been recognized by leading scientists and research institutes worldwide.  

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Discovery of "Shockingly High" Levels of Aluminum in Brains of Individuals with Autism Suggests Link with Aluminum-Containing Vaccines

Study Shows Evidence of Inflammatory Cells Loaded with Aluminum Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier and Meningeal Membranes

(November 27, 2017) Staffordshire, UK -- A new study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology provides the strongest indication yet that aluminum is an etiological agent in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to researchers at Keele University in England.

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Has Snopes Been Snoped? Will Retraction Watch Retract?

Posted by Celeste McGovern on May 19, 2017 in vaccine safety studies | 0 Comments

The NEVER-retracted vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study that revealed significantly higher odds in risks of chronic illness among vaccinated children is back online. But will Retraction Watch admit it launched the attack to discredit it? Will Snopes fact-check itself? If not, why not?

By Celeste McGovern

The first-ever study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated American children (and a subset study) published two weeks ago in the peer-reviewed Journal of Translational Science have reappeared online after briefly disappearing while under fire from a small band of Skeptics and the staff at Retraction Watch, an organization that reports Science retraction news. Snopes, the fact-checking website, is still misreporting that the study has been retracted, even while it sits, published, in the science journal’s pages.

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First of Its Kind Survey Shows Vaccinated Children Get Sicker

Posted by Claire Dwoskin on May 05, 2017 in

Children Who Receive Fewer Vaccinations are Less Likely to Develop Chronic Illnesses

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Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Feb 04, 2017 in Aluminum | 0 Comments

Innovative Diagnostic Technology Identifies Very High Levels of Aluminium in Brain Tissue Of Disease Donors

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Cleveland Clinic Doctor is Silenced for Questioning Vaccine Safety

Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Jan 09, 2017 in

The following guest column was written on January 6, 2017 by Dr. Daniel Neides, MD, MBA, the Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.  The column appeared on but was removed following protests by forces seeking to silence all inquiry into adverse reactions and injuries caused by vaccines and to threaten the professional careers of those who raise legitimate concerns.  Dr. Neides is currently facing discipline and possible termination by the Cleveland Clinic.

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Proposed Legislation to Eliminate Religious Vaccine Exemptions at Odds with Virginia Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights

Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Nov 02, 2016 in

In the 2016 session of the General Assembly, Delegates Eileen Filler-Corn (D- Fairfax) and Christopher Stolle (R-Virginia Beach) introduced legislation to eliminate religious and medical exemptions for vaccines so that no child in Virginia could be educated at home or in a public/private school unless he/she received every dose of every state mandated vaccine.  The bill was killed in committee but referred to the Joint Committee on Health Care for study. On November 9, 2016, the Committee will vote in favor of one of nine recommendations that range from no action to full support for re-introducing the legislation.

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Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Oct 06, 2016 in


On August 15th, 2016, the CDC published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that, if ratified, would amend federal public health law. The notice seeks to expand the scope of the Public Health Service Act, which grants the government the authority to apprehend and involuntarily quarantine international or even interstate travelers suspected of having been exposed to communicable diseases. Currently, the act only covers highly contagious and deadly diseases such as Ebola and SARS. However, the new amendment would include people displaying symptoms of measles, chickenpox, and various other communicable diseases that do not pose a mortal threat. Among the symptoms included in the proposal are coughing and rashes.

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Nature's 'Scientific Reports' Publishes Aluminum Adjuvant Study

Posted by Claire Dwoskin on Aug 29, 2016 in News | 0 Comments

Findings are at Odds with Federal Regulations Requiring Satisfactory Evidence of Safety

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